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La Alicantina Real Estate, your real estate agency in Alicante, Our real estate agency in Alicante specializes in renting homes.

Alquilar barato en Alicante

Do you want to rent your flat, house, chalet, penthouse, apartment, premises, office, warehouse, semi-detached, semi-detached, duplex, etc. in Alicante?

Our real estate agency in Alicante specializes in renting homes.

Rent a flat in Alicante

Your peace of mind is important to us. We always try to be the best option for comprehensive rental management in Alicante: we take care of all the paperwork and procedures so that everything is controlled before, during and after signing the contract with the tenant.

Housing administration: we look for the ideal client according to their preferences. Through a non-payment insurer, they analyze the client in case he has unpaid installments of personal or mortgage loans or of any other type. If they want to contract the insurance policy, they will be guaranteed the payment of the tenants' monthly payments once the client's risk has been approved. Thus, they have the following coverage: coverage of up to 12 monthly payments in the event that it is necessary to go to an eviction (trial) because the tenant does not pay, coverage of acts of vandalism inside the home (up to €3,000) and locksmith coverage and lock change. They will also have the coverage of a lawyer and solicitor to claim and defend their rights.

Whether they want to take out a non-payment insurance policy or not, we look for clients who have an indefinite employment contract or pension, and if they were temporary contracts, someone who guarantees that they have an indefinite employment contract or pension. Always looking for your maximum guarantee.

Our only objective is to protect before, during and after the rental transaction, to take care of the good condition of the leased property and for the economic interests of you, the owners.

If you wish to contract, in addition to the search for an ideal tenant, comprehensive rental management, we will explain below the different functions that it encompasses.

Comprehensive rental management

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We have a large volume of homes that we manage with our own resources. We also collaborate with a great service of collaborators for any mishap, breakdown or situation that occurs, such as architects, lawyers, insurers, cleaning and reform companies, maintenance services, etc.

  1. Verification of the state of the house

    If you live in Alicante or move from abroad, we will meet you at the property to review the state of it, and advise you if you have to make any changes in order to ensure a better search for the tenant's profile.

    If for your convenience, you cannot move, we send you a custom contract to start the management, and once signed by both parties, you send us the keys to the property with full confidence of our responsibility.

    We will require minimum documentation to start the rental management: utility bills (electricity, water, gas,...), identity document and IBI receipt.

    If you do not have an energy certificate, we can process it quickly. Likewise, we have several collaborating insurers to give you the best policy price, if you did not have home insurance, including a specific lease clause, as it is a rented property.

  2. Property Marketing

    With our experience in the sector, we advise you the real rental price of the house in the area where it is located, although you always have the last word on the starting price of the lease, as well as deciding and accepting the tenant who enters and the approval of maintenance and repair budgets that have to be done in the property.

    It will be announced in the main Internet portals, on our website and in REDAPI, since being registered in API, we have a national diffusion. We stay in the house, we take data for a better description and explanation for the tenant client, and we take photographs and videos.

    Prior to the visit, either personally or by telephone, a first filter of the tenant client is carried out to take him to make the visit.

    Subsequently, once the visits of the best profiles, the most interesting, have been made, we ask for all the necessary work documentation and check it with an insurer to find out if there is any incident due to non-payment.

    If, due to circumstances, this documentation is not sufficient, the tenant is requested to be endorsed by someone who has an indefinite employment contract or pension or to leave more months of guarantee as a deposit.

  3. Rental contract

    We take care of the negotiation and preparation of the contract, including at all times the new decrees of the Urban Leasing Law (LAU) that have been approved.

    The signing of the contract is done in our offices or if due to special needs of the client, in the same home. If you, as the owner, cannot be present with a signed authorization, you do not need to be present.

    An inventory of furniture and appliances is always made and attached to the contract.

    Changes of ownership and bank account of electricity, water and gas are made on site, on the day of signing.

    We have the extra service if you cannot or do not know how to do it, the security deposit in the Generalitat Valenciana, as well as the energy certificate that is mandatory since June 2013.

Lease management.

Pisos baratos en Alicante

This service is offered if the owner wants to contract it, once the rental contract has been signed between the tenant and the owner (tenant-landlord). A) Yes:

The collection of each monthly rent is managed, the tenant's payments are domiciled in a company account and a transfer is made, once our fees have been discounted and thus we have total control of whether they have paid or not.

Whenever the tenant enters and leaves, we take note of the readings of each supplier.

If the owner is a company or the tenant, and if the property (housing, premises, warehouse, office) that is rented carries VAT, and requires quarterly or yearly declarations (Income), we have an extra Tax-Accounting Consulting service that can do those things for you.

Regarding this lease management with the tenant, you as the owner do not have to take care of anything, all possible breakdowns, repairs or replacements, always with your permission and budget authorization, we take care of it. We have a wide list of collaborators (electricians, plumbers, maintenance in general,...) for the correct and best maintenance of your home. It is an extra service regarding the payment of collaborators' fees.

Any landlord's worst nightmare is non-payment of rent. We take care of the recovery of that monthly payment, and we negotiate and look for the best solution to the problem. If the tenant does not attend to reasons, there are two ways:

If you have contracted a non-payment rent policy through an insurance collaborator, they take care of everything, you are guaranteed the service of a lawyer and solicitor, and if you go to court for eviction, up to 12 months of unpaid rent and up to €3,000 in home damage.

If they do not have it contracted, we provide an extra service of attorney-solicitor where we have negotiated a price for services.

In all cases of extra services of collaborators, their fees are independent of our lease management.

Leave the rental administration in professional and specialized services and avoid worries.

We have been in the real estate sector for 20 years, and our motto is transparency, communication and efficiency throughout the leasing process.

Cheap rental in Alicante

Alquiler de pisos en Alicante

Alicante continues to progress and expand. Many clients who do not know it or have minimal references ask us which areas are better or more suitable for families or for fun.

Cheap rental in Alicante

The rental prices of flats and apartments in Alicante vary according to the areas and number of bedrooms that the house has. The average rental price in Alicante ranges from €300/month to €3,000/month.

Alquiler Alicante centro

The most demanded rentals are those in the most central areas and urbanizations with swimming pools and garden areas close to the center.

Alquiler de pisos en Alicante

Cheap flats in Alicante and for students

With rentals ranging from €300 to €400 per month. Normally the cheapest are usually studios (they do not have a separate bedroom) and flats in buildings without a lift. The good economic zones are Los Angeles, Tombola, San Agustín and Carolinas. Some of these areas, next to Bulevar del Plá, are chosen by students both for the price and for the good transport links to go to the University.

Cheap unfurnished apartments for rent in Alicante

Normally in Alicante, the price does not change much if a flat is furnished or unfurnished. In fact, there is a demand for flats without furniture. The prices are similar to those furnished, from €350/month to €1,500, depending on the area.

Rental Alicante center

The price ranges from €500 to €1,200 per month. There are luxury homes, renovated, design or penthouses that sometimes reach €2,500.

Apartments in Alicante Playa de San Juan vacation rentals

Holiday apartments, which range from €600 to €1,000 a week.

Long-term rental homes

From €500/month for 1-bedroom homes to €3,000/month for renting an independent villa. It is one of the most requested areas to live all year round due to its proximity to the beach, good communication with motorways and the residential style of landscaped areas, with a swimming pool and sports courts such as tennis, paddle tennis or football/basketball.

Rent penthouse Alicante

Being a special dwelling, in the sense that there is not much product of this type for rent, when there is one available, as long as it is at market price, it is rented quickly. It can range from €500/month to €2,500/month.

Studio rental

Renting a studio in Alicante is increasingly in demand by single clients or as a first home to emancipate. It is usually between €300/month and up to €500/month. In any of the cases, electricity, water, gas or Internet supplies are separate.

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